Q: How do I attend a walk or event?

Please contact the event organiser to let them know you are coming.  This enables them to look out for you and contact you in the event of last minutes changes in plan.  It is very rare that an event is cancelled.

Q: How long are the walks?

Sunday walks are usually 8+ miles, although this varies on the walk leader.  We meet at the start of a walk in the morning around 10 o'clock.  The walk usually lasts all day.

Thursday evening walks are 4-5 miles.  These are timed to allow people to come after work.

Q: Do I have to be very fit to join in?

Part of joining a walking group is to keep fit.  We generally walk at a moderate pace with short breaks for refreshments ( bring your own), map reading and lunch.

The walks can cover a range of terrains including lengthy flat sections, up and down hills including steep sections.  Please ensure you are fit and healthy enough to cope with the walk. If in doubt,  please check with the event organiser.

Q: Do I need special footwear?

Expensive gear is not required, although with the membership discounts at outdoor shops you may be tempted to splash out!

Suitable footwear is stout shoes with good grip and ankle support e.g. walking boots or trainers.   Walks can be muddy, so bring a change of foot wear to go home in.

Q: Do I need anything else?

Carrying enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the walk is very important.  Bring a drink and a packed lunch.   Extra snacks are always good to keep your energy levels up.

Q: What about the weather?

It can be wet in the UK and also very sunny and hot!  It is very rare that walks are cancelled.

You must be prepared for any sort of weather that the UK brings.  Please bring: waterproofs, warm fleeces, warm hat and gloves. Additionally in summer bring sun cream, sun glasses and shady hat!

Q: What about getting to an event?

Not everyone has access to transport or reliable transport.   To keep costs down, we encourage lift shares.  Please contact the event organiser in advance, who can advise you of others coming from your area.

We recommend sharing the costs of petrol at 25p/mile between all occupants of the car (including driver).